Trade Facilitation

The core of Kyko’s business is facilitating trade across international borders.  With our highly skilled team and our extensive experience, we are able to provide integrated trade facilitating services, from the arrangement of funds required for financing a transaction to just-in-time inventory to the logistics of transporting goods to their destinations.

We can provide you with various solutions, financial or otherwise, so that you can improve your business’ revenues, customer base and reputation to make it a powerhouse in its industry.

We can help you access world markets by buying, storing and shipping your goods and by supplying financing.  We provide logical and efficient processes to enable you to control international supply chains in a variety of industries.

Our advanced expertise and access to current information give us the ability to select and adapt our resources to meet the particular needs of each client as well as the current realities of the market.  Our skills in negotiation have been tested and refined over years in various marketplaces around the world.