Why Kyko?

Kyko recognizes the problems faced by exporters, including limited working capital facilities, payment terms required by your export customers, general absence of letters of credit in international transactions, delays in securing traditional bank financing, unsecured creditors in export markets, foreign exchange fluctuation and just-in-time delivery needs for export markets.

Kyko has devised solutions specifically to address these problems, which include:

  • Post-shipment credit for customers in most countries
  • Up to 180 days credit from the date of shipment
  • Immediate payment to exporter upon receipt of proof of export
  • No recourse against the exporter in the case of credit default
  • Inventory financing available for just-in-time requirements of customers
  • Offshore inventory storage facilities for just-in-time needs
  • Financing for the supply of either goods or services

With these solutions in place, exporters can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Elimination of the entire credit risk
  • Elimination of export receivable collection efforts
  • Elimination of exchange rate risk on account of the immediate payment
  • Improvement of the exporter’s working capital position
  • Increase in trade with the attractive payment terms offered to customers
  • Flexibility on account of the favourable payment terms and quick approvals
By providing private equity financing, Kyko can open doors for your business by providing you with the funds that you require.  We can also offer you our business expertise to assist in financial and tax planning structures.  Our services can help substantially improve the performance of your organization.
Kyko provides private equity financing to small to medium sized, well established businesses.  There is no requirement that your business be profitable in order to avail yourself of Kyko's services.   
Kyko not only offers capital, but brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table.  Kyko can assist you in various ways, including allowing you to purchase materials on an international plane, increasing your customer base and improving your business' overall performance.  Our professionals are here to coach and guide you in every way, so that you can benefit from their expertise.