Are there any types of companies to whom Kyko will not offer private equity financing?

Kyko will provide private equity financing to most companies. Unfortunately however, it will not provide this type of financing to companies engaged in greenfield projects or real estate development.

Does my company have to be profitable for Kyko to provide private equity financing?

No, there is no requirement that your company be financially profitable in order for Kyko to assist.

What other criteria does my company have to meet in order for Kyko to provide financing?

Kyko is keen on providing private equity financing to small and medium sized businesses. Our client base is comprised of well-established companies as opposed to start-up ventures which tend to be very speculative investments.

Other than financing, what benefits can Kyko provide?

Kyko brings expertise, industry experience and good judgment to the table. Our professionals will guide you and impart their wealth of knowledge on your management team in order to improve the overall performance of your organization.

Will Kyko provide long-term private equity financing?

Yes, Kyko provides extremely patient capital for its investee companies and takes long-term positions when providing private equity financing. Kyko is prepared to be with you for as long as it is mutually rewarding. Our oldest investee affiliate was formed over thirty years ago.

What kind of exit option does Kyko look for?

Kyko is a long-term investor and does not invest with a view to exiting, Therefore, any exit strategy is irrelevant to Kyko.

Does Kyko provide long term debt financing instead of equity financing?

Depending on the country in which your company is located, Kyko can provide debt financing, however only to companies in which it holds an equity interest. In certain countries, such as India, there are significant government imposed restrictions on debt financing by foreign companies. As such, pure debt financing in such countries is not feasible.

Does Kyko provide equity funding to companies listed on the stock exchange?

Yes, Kyko does provide financing to such companies, subject to local restrictions from country to country. However, it is important to note that private equity financing is always more expensive than financing in public markets. Accordingly, a public company seeking private equity financing must have a compelling reason to do so.

How do I apply for private equity financing?

Send a summary of your company together with the details of the investment opportunity to and we will respond to you within 1 business day. Please be sure to include key figures from your most recent balance sheet and income statement.Equity@KykoGlobal.com